2018 – 2019 Season

Richard Black Retrospective, Visual Worlds: “Nothing by Chance,” September 7th to October 12th, 2018.

imageOur Town

Our Town: Reclaiming the Narrative

On exhibit at the Anderson Gallery from November 9, 2018 – February 20, 2019.

Curated by Lenore Metrick-Chen, Professor of Art and Cultural History and students in Professor Metrick-Chen’s “Black Americans and Photography” course.

Our Town: Reclaiming the Narrative centers on the idea of individual agency and how it can lead to social change. Agency pertains to our ability to choose our actions—or non-actions.  It is the foundation for all freedom. The exhibition celebrates the diverse works of people in Des Moines’s Black communities whose individual choices and agency has led them to civic engagement and social change.

Our Town can only offer a sampling of these acts of agency and everyday bravery in Des Moines. The exhibition features short video interviews of Dwana Bradley, whose initiative started the Des Moines magazine Urban Experience, Laural Clinton, advocate against racial profiling, Elaine Estes, former head of the Des Moines Public Library, who, as a Drake student at the age of 16, desegregated the women’s dorm; advocate and Drake alumna, Ayinde Ashford, third year student at Drake Law, Maleigha Williams and Bailey Mosely, senior students at Drake University and members of the Coalition of the Black Students. In addition, this exhibition will examine the work of Joeanne Cheatom, Katherine Bryson, both activists from the 1960s.

In tandem with the celebration of the 50-year history of breakfast clubs for children in Des Moines, initiated by the Black Panther’s Des Moines Chapter and continued by CFUM, the exhibition will feature a timeline examining the history of breakfast clubs and their impact in the community. The timeline will feature comments by present and former participants in the breakfast club, including commentary by Ako Abdul-Samad, Iowa State Representative since 2001, who was the Lieutenant of the Des Moines chapter.

The exhibition also houses a smaller exhibition which contains eight pairs of artworks. These pairings images address the reclamation of one’s agency, often turning images emblematic of oppression on their head.

2017 – 2018 Season

The 47th Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Paper is Part of the Picture: Contemporary Paper and Book Arts                                                                                                             Curated by Sarah McCoy

Mies|Weese at Drake: Where we Live and Work                                                                                                                                Curated by Maura Lyons

APPARATUS                                                                                                                                                                                                           Curated by Lenore Metrick-Chen

2016 – 2017 Season

BFA Exhibition: WIP                                                                                                             Featuring work by Justin Atterberg, Paul Brenin, Grace Lim, Bryan Nance, Jessica Podesmki                                                                                                                                         April 28 – May 12

46th Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Art3 – Faculty Art Exhibition

A Library for Babel, Buzz Spector

Beyond Patterns: Activism and Identity in Quilts                                                           Featuring work by Thomas Knauer
September 2 – September 30, 2016

2015 – 2016 Season

BFA II: Ipseity
Featuring work by Jenna Boures, Brett Budzinski and Pamela Mulhern

BFA I: Reflective Distinction
Featuring work by Betsy Hart, Rachael Kreski and Ryan Topete
April 8 – April 22, 2016

45th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
Juried by Matthew Harris, Iowa Arts Council
February 28 – March 25, 2016

Are We Global Yet? The Art and Politics of Public Space (including the virtual)
Curated by Lenore Metrick-Chen
November 13, 2015- February 23, 2016

Ideas at War: American Propaganda Posters from World War II
Curated by John Fender
September 11 – October 23, 2015

2014-2015 Season

Featuring work by Emma Croskrey, Maria Hanson, Katie Hanson, Lexi Ruskell and Claire Sedovic
May 1-15, 2015

BFA I: Anterospective
Featuring work by Riley Brady, Evelyn Tomer, Grace Carroll and Tori Carter
April 10-24, 2015

44th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition Juried by Renee Meyer Ernst, assistant professor of art at St. Ambrose University
March 8 – April 2, 2015

Hybrid Expressionism: Explorations with Thomas Prinz A collaborative student exhibition held in conjunction with a workshop by Thomas Prinz
February 8 – February 20, 2015

Jered Sprecher Behind Your Eyes, 2012 20 x20 inches Courtesy the artist and Jeff Bailey Gallery, Hudson, NY
Jered Sprecher
Behind Your Eyes, 2012
20 x20 inches
Courtesy the artist and Jeff Bailey Gallery, Hudson, NY

Everyday Abstraction:
contemporary abstract painting
November 7, 2014 – Jan. 23, 2015
Catalog, with essay by Benjamin Gardner


whatever returns from oblivion (for Louise Glück)
Charles Matson Lume
September 5 – October 24, 2014
Catalog, with essay by Glenn Gordon

2013-2014 Season

43rd Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition Juried by Dr. Lesley Wright, Director, Faulconer Gallery at Grinnell College
March 9, 2014- April 4, 2014

The Great MakeVFINALThe Great Make a two-week pop-up student exhibition
Feb. 7, 2014 – Feb. 21, 2014

Draw Your Weapons: Civil War Cartoons from Harper’s Weekly
Curated by Maura Lyons and students from the Curatorial Seminar
Nov. 7, 2013 – Jan. 24, 2014
Visit the exhibition website here, includes catalog essays by Maura Lyons and curatorial seminar students

The Material Aspect:DrakeGallery092613-RockRollShow-0028
50 Years of Popular Music Packaging
Curated by John Fender, Professor of Art and Design, Drake University
Friday, Sept. 6 – Friday, Oct. 18, 2013
Catalog essay by John Fender, catalogs available free upon request

 2012-2013 Season

42nd Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
Juried by Gilbert Vicario
March 10- April 5, 2013

Jennifer Angus: Magpie TendenciesDrakeGallery011813-0029

Jan. 18 – Feb. 22, 2013
Catalog, with essays by Maura Lyons and Angela Battle
Artist Talk


Projecting Identity
Curated by Dr. Lenore Metrick-Chen and the Curating Seminar 2012
Friday, Nov. 9 – Friday, Dec. 14, 2012
Catalog, with essays by students from the curatorial seminar

my eyes are not shut: Photographs by Sandra Louise Dyas
September 7 – October 12, 2012
Catalog, with essay by Chris Offutt

2011-2012 Season

DrakeGallery092011-0045Immaterial Material: Work by Jim Shrosbree and David Hamlow
Aug. 26 – Sept 23, 2011
Catalog, with essay by Lenore Metrick-Chen

365: AIGA Annual Design Exhibition 31 Coordinated in conjunction with AIGA Iowa Chapter
Sept. 30 – Oct. 30, 2011

DrakeGallery1214111-0040William Kentridge: Collaborations with Randy Hemminghaus, Master Printer
Nov. 11 – Dec. 16, 2011
Catalog, with essay by Lenore Metrick-Chen
Virtual Tour

Curated by Dr. Lenore Metrick-Chen
Jan 27 – Feb. 26, 2012
Catalog, OCCUPY footage

41st Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition Juried by Laurel Farrin, prof. of painting and drawing, University of Iowa
March 4 – March 30, 2012

IMG_5133BFA Exhibition: Verge
Work by Kjersten Lutz, Megan Pierce-Cramer, Jill Jaworski and Padraic O’Connell

BFA Exhibition: Working Room
Work by Tatiana Klusak, Haley Tatom, Stephanie Spitz, Nora Kreml and Ainsley Buhl

2010-2011 Season

A Fork in the Road: The Time and the Place for Local Foods
Work by Hilary Williams
Aug. 27 – Sept. 26, 2010

The Mallea Project
Oct. 8 – Nov. 7, 2010

Imaging Others: Cultural Intersections in the Colonial Era Curated by Dr. Lenore Metrick-Chen
Nov 19 – Dec. 17, 2010
Catalog, with essay by Lenore Metrick-Chen and students of the curatorial seminar

Middle States
Work by Michael Wille, David Linneweh, Matt Pulford, Amanda Smith, Gregory Euclide and Kris Holmgren
Curated by Benjamin Gardner
Jan. 28 – Feb. 27, 2011
Catalog, with essay by Benjamin Gardner

40th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
Juried by Jonathan Muecke
March 6 – April 3, 2011

BFA Exhibition: Resonance

BFA Exhibition: Connection

2009-2010 Season

The Book in Time and Place
A Selection of Artists’ Books from the University of Iowa Libraries Special Collections and Drake University’s Cowles Library
Curated by Sarah McCoy
Sept. 11 – Oct. 9, 2009

To Know the Land: Scott Robert Hudson
Jan 29 – Feb. 26, 2010
Catalog, with conversion between Scott Robert Hudson and Amahia Mallea

39th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition Juried by Jill Featherstone, Museum Education Director, Des Moines Art Center
March 7 – March 28, 2010

BFA Exhibition
April 2 – April 16, 2010

BFA Exhibition
Work by Michael Carbaugh, Meredith Gallivan, Ashley Machacek and Diane Pummill
April 23 – May 7, 2010

2008-2009 Season

America Imagines Chinese: 19th century American Trade Cards and the American Imagination
Curated by Dr. Lenore Metrick-Chen
Sept. 5 – Oct. 17, 2008

Building A Modern Campus: Eliel and Eero Saarinen at Drake University Curated by Dr. Maura Lyons
Nov. 7 – Dec. 19, 2008
Exhibition website, with essay my Maura Lyons

Faculty Exhibition: Angela Battle, Bejamin Gardner, Sarah McCoy, Ignatius Widiapradja and Connie Wilson
January 23 – Feb. 20, 2009

38th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
Juried by Bill Conger, artist and curator, University Galleries at Illinois State University
March 1 – March 27, 2009

BFA Exhibition: Art(official)
Work by Hannah Gebhart, Monica Brandli, Veronika Leszayova, Mackenzie Skul, Lauren Schnepf and Mistique Hecksel-Read
April 3 – April 17, 2009

BFA Exhibition: Handful
Work by Hunter Seuntjens, Anthony Bruce Roark, Nicole Werner, Kelly Donovan and Brenner Buckner
April 26 – May 8, 2009

2007-2008 Season

Selling the War: Posters of World War I Sept 7 – Oct. 12, 2007
Catalog, with essays by Lenore Metrick-Chen and Jack Lufkin

Evidence: Cindy Neuschwander and Janet DeCover
Oct. 26 – November 30, 2007

Woven Traditions: Central and West African Textiles Jan. 25 – Feb. 22, 2008

37th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
Juried by Ab Gratama, University of Iowa
March 2 – March 28, 2008

BFA Exhibition
April 4 – April 18, 2008

BFA Exhibition
April 27 – May 9, 2008

2006-2007 Season

Yoji Matsumura: Lost and Found
Sept. 7 – October 13, 2006

Jeremy Drummond: Everybody Knows this is Nowhere
Nov. 10 – Dec. 13, 2006

Text and Subtext: Sarah McCoy and Alex Lakin
Jan. 19 – Feb. 16, 2007

Cuba: Women Artists in the Revolution
Curated by John Torgerson
Jan. 26 – Feb. 16, 2007

36th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
Juried by Peter Feldstein, University of Iowa
Feb. 25 – March 26, 2006

BFA Exhibition
March 30 – April 13, 2007

BFA Exhibition
April 20 – May 5, 2007